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Season 27, Episode 3October 13, 2017When a model and up-and-coming You Tube celebrity is found dead, police question her husband to see if he can provide any answers.Keith Morrison reports on what could have led to her death.

According to the Washington Post, the former 1990s rapper entered his plea last month after causing Pilgrim to amass ,000 in credit card debt.

Included: remarks from Lyle and former detective Les Zoeller, as well as Lyle and Erik's cousin Diane Hernandez, former prosecutor Pamela Bozanich, tennis coach Bill Kurtain, former neighbor Alicia Hercz, Dr.

William Vicary, jury members Hazel Thornton and Andrew Wolfberg, and criminal defense lawyer Cliff Gardner.

The former member of Ultramagnetic MCs member’s accuser comes forward, sharing her side of the scam.

Dateline NBC ran a controversial, popular series of hidden camera stings across the country exposing (and, eventually, facilitating the arrest of) adult men who solicit sex with minors online.

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The political division and/or nation the city is in may follow, but they may be dropped if the city name is widely recognizable due to its size or political importance (a national capital, for instance).