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Dating in the dark show wiki

After receiving Tai's e-mail, she removes her hat to put on the hair clip she received from him, which has an orange and red flower-shaped ornament.By 2002, Sora is a teenager, and now wears her bangs combed to the right.

Today, also known as The Today Show, is a daily morning news and talk program on NBC.K." Takaishi (Brother-in-law)Daughter Son Nephew(En:) Duane (Cousin) By 1999, Sora is a preteen girl, much taller than she was four years before.Her hair is now at shoulder-length and fans out at the back, with a tuft of hair in the front, which is usually left sticking outside of her headgear and covers her forehead.During winter, she wears a yellow sweater under a blue hooded coat with a white ruff in the hood, two pockets and three dark blue buttons, a pink scarf, turquoise gloves, a purple skirt, brown stockings, and turquoise boots with white soles.On March 25, 2003, she wears a purple shirt under a yellow buttoned shirt with long sleeves, with only the top button done. She is very caring and protective, with her first instinct being to try and help others in any way she can.

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