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Joe: It might have something to do with the size of the person. Jane: It's probably the only way time travel could work, otherwise there would be paradoxes. Actually, I tell a lie, because I invented a time travel machine that actually works. Joe: Yes, but it can only travel forward in time at a rate of one second per second.This pattern, Question Comment Joke, gets easier and easier with practice. See how long you can keep the conversation alive for.

Like when you were little, years seemed to drag on. When you're five, a year is a fifth of your existence, but when you're fifty, it's just a fiftieth, relatively speaking. Joe: Yeah, it's pretty safe to say nobody ever invents a time machine - unless the multiverse theory is true.

One of his heroes had always been the Marvel Comics superhero Green Lantern, who was endowed with a magic ring able to bring the desires of his will and imagination to life.

Quick Definition: A philosophy and method that promotes personal development in positively changing our perception of the world and our behavior patterns.

This is scientifically proven, first discovered by Ben Franklin, and works a treat in these situations.

Joe thanks her, maybe he makes a minor joke, then moves on. Jane is primed as having had a positive interaction with this man. Jane: Well if you invent one, come back to right now so we can test this. Jane: Haha, oh well, looks like I don't ever invent a time machine! Do you think it would be possible for humans ever to time travel backwards?

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