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Its HSM Press Office tweeted that "Last night, after more than 5 years the Islamic administration in #Kismayo closed its offices." This was confirmed by residents who said that no armed forces were left in the city and that looters had begun to raiding administration buildings.

KDF spokesperson Colonel Oguna indicated that the AMISOM forces would first consolidate their position before moving into areas of the city on 5 October that were vacated by the militants. However, in areas where they have been pressured to give up fixed positions, they have resorted to using hit-and-run tactics. A land mine first struck a military base, though no casualties were confirmed.

The Second Battle of Kismayo was a combined military offensive led by Somali National Army forces and their AMISOM and Raskamboni allies against Al-Shabaab in the insurgent group's last major stronghold of Kismayo, Somalia.

Kismayo became the Islamist group's strategic headquarters after Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and allied African Union troops expelled the militants from Mogadishu during the Battle of Mogadishu (2010–2011).

‎) (born 18 June 1960) is a Somali diplomat and politician.

From 2009 to 2010, he was the Prime Minister of Somalia.

Local residents indicated that the allied troops had seized the port, but the militants were still present elsewhere in the town and were quickly making their way toward the frontlines in vehicles.

The Islamist group's propaganda radio station was also still reportedly broadcasting material and allegedly attempting to trick residents into fleeing toward the oncoming Somali government and AMISOM troops.

On 29 September, Al-Shabaab fighters officially pulled out of the town.The second blast detonated within the port and was apparently aimed at Somali government and AMISOM forces. A few minutes later, a third set of explosives went off in an army base where pro-government Raskamboni militia fighters had been positioned.Somali military officials and Kenyan AMISOM officers subsequently convened at the local airport to discuss the security situation.It was seen as a successful attempt to shore up support for the Transitional Federal Government both among the diaspora and within the country.Sharmarke was considered someone who could potentially bridge the gap between the various groups currently competing for influence in Somalia, as he was based abroad and thus not tied to local politics.

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His term ended on 1 March 2017 and was replaced by Hassan Ali Khayre.

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