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Cocoa and citrus follow once it settles on you for a moment. *** L'INSTANT DE GUERLAIN EDT (2016): It's a unique fragrance.I find that this fragrance is somewhat difficult to smell on yourself. It's somewhere in between "fresh" (more than the EDP version) and woody-spicy, with certain sweet touch to it (chocolate-anise vibe that it reminds coconut to my nose).It doesn't breach through your nostrils, it's invincible, but others are certain to take notice. Also received some comments on people being able to pick it up from a distance. It's not heavy / incisor at all, in fact I personally find it absolutely exquisite in every aspect: perfectly balanced (the blend is more than good, it's just perfect), delicious opening and dry down, raw materials of high quality, natural smell (nothing chemical), correct projection and longevity.

I like it better than the Extreme/EDP version personally. to me, this is a modern day "version" of a bunch of woody/aromatic-type powerhouses, that came out back in the day (Fendi Uomo for Men, Patou Pour Homme, Red for Men, Givenchy Gentleman, etc).I think it has more depth and nuances than the other version. It's classy, which is no surprise as it is Guerlain. It's perfect for any occasion, whether it's at the office or going out. But I just like this much better than any of those other frags.I have the most recent reformulation (Jan 2016), and this still holds its own, regarding longevity and integrity.Don't know if I will wear this much, but it is much nicer than I had remembered. This pedigree of a fragrance and design house that has lasted for well over 100 years says a lot! Recently I bought the edp version but for me,this is a little better. I hadn't used this in a while, and forgot what a great classic this is. L’Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme is a timeless classic. The blend of floral, citrus, and musk notes is a beautiful creation from the house of Guerlain. People are sleeping on Guerlain Creations really, well, where im from they create oil based perfumes that by fluke they smell similar to the originals for those that cannot afford. Got a compliment from a female, she said it smelled great and was not too overpowering.I believe this scent, this bottle is worth every nickel. I use mostly niche fragrances now, but this is going back into a frequent rotation for Fall and Winter. My only issue with this fragrance is performance – what a pity that longevity was only 3 hours and at less than arm’s length projection. Pathetic really, Well thank god they failed to fascimile this masterpiece. I get a powdery c I coach vibe and get 6 to 8 hours longevity out of this. today i got a lot more lemon in the opening then usual. along with Dior homme intense this bottle will always be on my shelf. Idk why its classified citrusy because what i find was all woody.

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