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Intimidating airsoft masks

Atahan ordered the men to form a circle with him in the middle and then to put their hands on his head. He was legally blind and still managed to rob 17 banks. He could see ever-so-slightly out of his right eye but not well enough to find a teller’s window.

The human wheel then made its way outside, past the cops, until Atahan hijacked a nearby car. Toye suffered from retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that caused his vision to slowly deteriorate. So Toye waited near the entrance for someone old and slow.

By the time he got to bank three, the cops were on his tail.

Surrounded, Atahan found himself trapped in the Commonwealth Bank in George Street, Sydney with a roomful of hostages.

Everything changed when Atahan traded in his taxi for a semiautomatic.

Between March 1983 and January 1984, the man robbed 17 banks and became a criminal playboy.

He set up shop in a 16th-story apartment and lived like a king until one day in 1984 when he hit two banks in a row.

Eventually, the desperate crook ditched his bicycle and hid in a hole near the town’s eponymous creek.

Unfortunately for Justice, the cops traced the bike, and a few months later, the Choir Boy was in handcuffs.

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Of course, most of us will never plan the perfect heist and make off with stacks of cash, and that’s okay because bank robbery is kind of illegal.

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