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One half-Asian girl who said she, “loved Jewish guys,” said she was simply looking for a good time. You go out with your Jewish girls and I’ll go out with Dante.” “Dante? However, the anxiety-ridden toll of this experiment was already hanging over my head pretty heavy. After ordering two coffees and a muffin, Perla revealed that she was recently divorced and had two kids.

It was then that the Jewish guilt kicked in pretty harshly. It wasn’t as if I expected my wife to sleep with this guy, but I worried about someone we knew seeing them or Dante’s reaction when my wife informed him that she is married and has two children. One was named “Absalom,” which meant “Father of Peace” in Hebrew, and the other was “Raananah” which meant, “Unspoiled.” She said she was pretty religious and ultimately wanted five children.

Meanwhile, back home, my wife was hours away from her date with Dante. And then we had a glass of wine at the bar with these hilarious guys who were in town training for the US Olympic volleyball team – then we went to some club – oh my God I can’t believe I even went to this place – where it was that model Amber Rose’s birthday celebration… Then there was a fight and then we left because the bottle service was waaaay too expensive and I noticed it was 11 so I came home.” “No – you came home at ,” I said. What I derived from this social media experiment is that there are a lot more men than women trolling for quick hook-ups and conquests on these apps, and unless you can find a stunning photograph of yourself in a bathing suit, you can almost forget being asked out by anybody.

It was then that Adam called me and told me that he had a hot date that night and that there was no way he could spy for me that night. He told me to relax and I went home and started drinking. Before she left, I instructed them to say in their cutest voices, “We love you mommy,” and it was a success. She used to be married to Wiz Khalifa – and then some DJ – DJ Premiere? Then again, this is Los Angeles, the most image-conscience town in the world.

I used a photo from 9 years earlier, described myself as a “working musician” (Only 24% true…

half the time) – and listed my religious affiliation as “Casual.” At further glance on the Jewish dating apps, other options to the user are to declare themselves, “Orthodox,” “Reform” and my favorites, “Willing to Convert” and “Not Willing to Convert.” There is also something called “Frum,” which did not stand for “frumpy” but for someone who lives by the strict laws of the Torah.

I have never sexually texted any girl – besides my wife – and certainly will never be able to type in the words girls in any airline in-flight magazine. Others can’t believe how much fun I missed out on by not being able to explore the overtly sexual side of the smart phone.Meanwhile, my wife was busy setting up her Tinder profile in the other room. Within an hour he sent me screenshots of her online details, revealing that she had used a past bikini modeling photo, listed herself as ten years younger than she is and put her age-dating window between “21 and 32 years old.” After all, my wife is a little older than me – and when we met, when I was 26, she said, “Funny, ever since I was 18 I have been dating 26-year-olds.” Well, now I was 40 and way past her window. I immediately called Adam to find out what to expect. He described it as, “the kind of place that David Spade brings a Playmate to.” Oh crap.Which is maybe why she agreed to do this horrifying but exciting experiment with me in the first place. I asked Adam if he would spy on my wife this coming Saturday, hanging in the bar and stealing glances her way to make sure nothing creepy was going on. I was feeling ashamed and guilty and almost began searching for apartments to rent in Koreatown following what was to be my impending divorce. She uploaded an attractive photo of herself in a bikini standing near the Dead Sea in Israel and I suddenly found myself typing, “Have you ever been to the Bourgeois Pig on Franklin Avenue? Saturday morning I was meeting Perla for a latte in the darkest coffee shop I could think of.Once our profiles went online and we were invited to “start searching,” I quickly became aware of the reality of online Jewish singles. ” “Sorry, you’re watching the kids Saturday and I’m going out to dinner at some place called Craig’s.” She slammed the door and left me in the living room, gutted. I even offered to cover his dinner and drinks if he did it. Meanwhile, the next few days, I didn’t sign onto JFIIX at all. My wife ignored me as I dressed myself conservatively and strolled out the door to go on the first date I have been in since 2001. For one, her long black dress covered what appeared to be an increasing paunch in the stomach area.Most of them were better looking than I had expected, and I initially matched with one reformed girl named Sadie who was only on my feed because we both liked A second match came an hour later when a fairly cute girl named Heather approved my photo and said I looked like a rock star. I spent my time in the gym, getting my aggressions out and dreading the Saturday night when my wife would Uber to the restaurant to meet Dante, who at this point, I had decided was either African American or Greek – based on the hundreds of Google searches I made for “Dante- .” The one rule I made was that he could not pick her up at our house, and she agreed. One of them was named Perla, and she claimed to be new in town from the Ukraine. Not that I’m some David Beckham-like specimen, but at least I didn’t post a photo of myself with Photo-shopped abs. She was at least five years older than her listed age of 33, her hair was wiry and curly and had stray greys everywhere.

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Shelina Janmohamed, author "Although my family have my best interests at heart, only I know what I'm really after," Thakur adds, noting that she's interested in a combination of Islamic principles and an engaging personality in her future partner.

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  1. It will save everyone a lot of angst if you simply ask your date and openly discuss how you can help make this a positive experience for all concerned. This may sound like a covert operation, but if you find you are uncomfortable with or disapproving of these things, this may not be a situation that is compatible for you. Everyone will feel much more at ease when the new person in mommy or daddy’s life is kind, sincere, and genuinely caring. They may worry that dad or mom doesn’t love them as much as before or that they are lacking in some way. Once you have managed to thread your way through some of these obstacles that are inherent when dating a single parent, relax and enjoy the experience.