Polyamory married and dating episode 7 review

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You then have expectations that they should say or do certain things, or as Adele hoped, react a certain way and maybe even abandon a current relationship and hotfoot it back to you.You’d rather continue to have these expectations and continue to attempt to make good on them, than walk away.You’ll end up feeling rejected, being confused, in pursuit and feeling like you have to ‘win’ them over and in turn, not good enough, and you’ll get overwhelmed by your feelings if you don’t opt out at the lack of mutuality.It’ll become difficult to distinguish between who feels what and who is doing what.

The harder you work at what is already on an imbalanced and unhealthy footing is the mutual it becomes, especially as what you feel and do becomes distorted.

When I was with the guy with the girlfriend, believing that he felt the same kept me floating for several months. Why was I alone most of the time or living off crumbs and stolen moments and yet in possession of such monumental feelings?

After that, I could only cocoon myself with these feelings for short periods because I realised that after the Future Faking came groundhog affair masquerading as One Day I Might Get My Unprincely Faux Prince if play my Other Woman cards right. And Lord help me, if he’d told me how we were ‘best friends’ one more time, I might have stuck his empty words where the sun don’t shine.

If they’ve walked and moved on or are failing to to give me a mutually fulfilling relationship, I’m not going to fight for something that’s broken by its lack of mutuality.

If they’re not loving you back and reflecting it into a mutually fulfilling loving relationship, it’s time to step.

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