Spending care congressional dating failure

Posted by / 13-Oct-2017 15:53

And polling showed that most voters believe that their policies of increasing government spending and deficits and increasing at least some tax rates will lead not to a private sector recovery but to a continuation of the stagnation so apparent in just about every economic statistic.The Republican tide did not stop at the House of Representatives chamber and the steps to the Senate. Republicans ousted Democrats from six Senate seats - ordinarily a good haul for an out of office party in an offyear election.

Republicans won all the governorships up in flyover country except in Colorado (where they had a nominee with a speckled past), Arkansas and, if confirmed in a recount, Minnesota.On Tuesday Republicans captured or held governorships and state legislative majorities which should enable them to draw new congressional districts in Texas (projected to have 36 districts of the 435 total), Florida (27), Pennsylvania (18), Ohio (16), Michigan (14), Georgia (14), North Carolina (13), Indiana (9) and Wisconsin (8).Meanwhile, voters in California (53) approved a ballot proposal that takes congressional redistricting away from the Democratic legislature and governor and gives it to a putatively nonpartisan commission, and voters in New York (27) seem to have deprived the Democrats of their state Senate majority and control over redistricting.The state elections are important for one more reason.Under the Constitution, the number of House seats for each state must be apportioned by population.

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