What to do if sexual assault by campus faculty

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These crimes by themselves are horrendous, but when committed by athletes there are many different factors involved.

Through extensive research this paper will show contributing factors that may result in assault, abuse, or rape by athletes.

"That's part of the support that we've been providing to her to make sure that she's got all kinds of options so that she can comfortably proceed with her courses," he said.

"From the university's standpoint, we absolutely do not tolerate any forms of sexual violence or sexual assault.

Investigators believe there may be other victims, according to Cpl. "If a person believes they might have been a victim of a sexual assault or a witness to a crime [they are] encouraged to contact us," she said. is carrying out its own separate investigation, said Andrew Beckett, the vice-president of finance and administration and head of student services. "Our first priority was dealing with the victim to make sure that she had the proper supports and was made aware of our sexual violence policy and the reporting options that she had available to her," he said.A 19-year-old Halifax man is facing three charges of sexual assault. Beckett said the university became aware of last weekend's alleged assault when the 18-year-old woman came forward to the university on Nov. "After a couple days she decided that she did want to proceed with a formal report with the university and also concurrent with that, wanted to also do a report with the RCMP." Beckett said the university was not aware of the second victim until the RCMP report Friday. Beckett said the university is not aware of any other incidents of sexual violence but is encouraging any other victims to report and seek support.Charges connected to the original complaint are pending against an 18-year-old Truro man. All four of the people involved are students at the university."The safety and security of our students, faculty and staff are our top priority," reads the email, signed by director of student life Jacqueline De Leebeeck and director of health and counselling Margie Mc Kinnon. Health and Counselling Centre Services at 1-902-867-2263.Police say victims can contact the Women's Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services Centre in Antigonish at 902-863-6221, or St.

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In light of the sexual assault charges, Beckett said the 19-year-old man facing three charges has been temporarily suspended from the university.

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